Pricing just right for your situation, in the current Market, to get you the most money

Well staged homes sell faster, and for more money

More exposure means more potential Buyers, let me tell you about my Proven Marketing Plan

Expert negotiations results in higher sales prices

Preparing for Sale:

Outside – Curb appeal, manicured lawn, clipped shrubbery, swept walks, shoveled Walkways & Driveways

Kitchen – Bright, clean, remove clutter, inspect plumbing, fresh flowers & pleasant cooking smells

Bathrooms – Clean, replace caulking, inspect plumbing faucets and drains working properly, examine flooring, fan in working order

Living Area – Fix cracks, nail-pops and stains, conventional colors, replace bulbs, lubricate any door squeaks, and organize closet space so looks bigger, clean fireplace and ensure it is functioning

Basement/Attic/Garage – Clean/organize, pack away unused items, well lit, investigate cracking, sweep floors, and stack items neatly to appear bigger


Knowing your situation, time-line and if the Market is favoring Buyers or Sellers is imperative when choosing our listing price. 

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