How we work for you

We will give you immediate access to the newest properties on the multiple listings system, known as the MLS or

Let us help you

When searching for a home, there are multiple decisions. Locating a home is not an easy task.

As your Buyer’s Agent, we will:

  • Help you navigate obtaining a mortgage, it can be complex & time consuming
  • Make the process easier, enjoyable, less time consuming, & less expensive than doing it yourself
  • Help prepare you, so sellers perceive you as highly-qualified purchaser
  • Help locate/evaluate properties, preparing offers with high probability of being accepted
  • Determine what is a fairly priced and good condition home
  • Help complete financing, inspections and close transactions
  • Make your experience pleasant, cost-efficient and successful

Mortgage Loan Pre-Approval

Know what price range to shop in

Minimize stress of wondering if you qualify

Interest rate guaranteed for 60-90 days

If you are a Cash buyer, it can improve bargaining power

Offer to purchase will be confirmed sooner

Lender will want the following information:

  • Marital status
  • # of dependants
  • Employment Letter
  • Verification of income (NOAs, T4s, etc)
  • Banking/investment information
  • Details of assets – vehicles, property etc
  • Info regarding loans or liabilities
  • Credit check