How To: Draft a Real Estate Team

Posted on May 9, 2018

If you have ever traveled outside of Canada you’ve probably been asked 1) if it snows a lot and 2)if you like hockey. Now we aren’t into stereotypes but honestly the answer to both of those is, yes. 

Why are we talking about our love for hockey? Well sometimes its easier to understand the market if you compare it to something you love. So here are our best tips for drafting your Real Estate Team (NHL edition)!



This is you, the buyer or seller. You will over-see all the decisions that are made. While you will have many capable and experienced professionals under you, YOU make the final call. Remember to ask lots of questions to all of your team members. They work for you and even though you aren’t on the ice you need to understand exactly what is happening. Think Mario Lemieux- you’re stylish, you’re talented and you run a very successful team.

THE COACH aka. Your Real Estate Agent.

Have you ever seen an NHL team without a coach? Us either. But we imagine it would get messy fast. Emotions run high on the ice and players (or general managers) may make decisions based on that, the coach will hold a level head. Your agent has connections in the business that can help you draft your best team. They also have inside information that will help you understand the market, negotiate deals, and in some cases find houses that aren’t open to the public. We’re not saying we’re Mike Babcock, but…

THE GOALIE  aka. Your Insurance Broker

It’s required. Play a full game without your goalie and you’ll probably lose the game. Try to buy a house without an insurance broker and you’ll probably lose the house.  

SPONSORS aka. Your Lender

Where you get your money is important. Which arena do you want your team playing at, the one sponsored by Buddy’s Used Cars, or the one sponsored by Gatorade? Like there are thousands of companies to sponsor a team, there are tons of options for lenders. Make sure you trust and understand the option you choose.

THE ENFORCER aka. Your Lawyer

Okay we aren’t suggesting you have Zdeno Chara drop the gloves for your home sale, but you do want someone protecting your interests. There are many legal steps that you will have to take and having a professional on your side to draw up these contracts and make sure there aren’t liens or charges on your future home can save you from some big surprises. And those surprises probably hurt as much as getting back checked by Brandon Prust.

THE TEAM DOCTOR aka. The Home Inspector

They won’t show up with a stethoscope or help your knees, but a home inspector will help you foresee the work you may need to do on your home. You don’t want your star player out with a concussion *cough Sidney cough*, and you don’t want to wake up to a flooded kitchen. Having your home inspected is a recommended step and most real estate agents have a great inspector available to help their clients.  

THE SCOUT aka. The Appraiser

Scouts know how your team measures up to the current, and up and coming players. An appraiser can ensure you don’t over pay for a house- like signing Phaneuf for $7 million?! Some lenders will require an appraisal prior to you being approved for a mortgage.

THE ZAMBONI DRIVER aka. Land Surveyor

Your players are important, but so is the ice they play on. Just like the property your home sits on is as important as the home itself. Zamboni drivers ensure the ice is in perfect condition and that it isn’t benefiting one team over the other. Land surveyors will provide a needed survey or certificate of location for your mortgage application. (Okay, this one was a stretch… but can you really have a hockey article without a Zamboni??)

Unless you’re Connor McDavid you can’t carry a whole team yourself. Make sure you look into each role and make decisions that make the most sense for your situation. Create a strong and experienced Team and get ready to Celly!

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