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Posted on May 8, 2018

Our community is super important to us. Our WHOLE team lives, works and plays in Airdrie- and we love when we have the chance to give back!

Volunteering can be intimidating at first! How do you choose what cause to dedicate your time to? How to you get started? How do you find the volunteer opportunities that are right for you?

We’ve gathered up some resources to give you the tools to volunteer your time to whatever cause drives you!

  1. Get involved LOCALLY!
    This one is probably pretty straight forward, but is a one stop shop for opportunities, links and info for organizations in Airdrie looking for help!
  1. Where do you want to volunteer?
    We get it- this is a big question! There are TONS of deserving organizations and causes so how do you narrow down where you want to give your time & effort? Check out these articles to help you figure it out:
  1. How committed are you?
    Volunteering is a commitment. Finding a cause you are passionate about is important, but it is also important for you to be realistic about how much time you have to give. Check out this article for info on short vs. long term opportunities!
  1. Get everyone involved!
    There’s no ifs, ands, or buts- you CAN volunteer with your kids or family! For our local readers here are some examples from Volunteer Airdrie-!

We would love to see you out in the community! Tag  @RemaxShilo everywhere to share your volunteer stories with us! 

Have any questions? Contact us!

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