How To: Green Home Upgrades

Posted on January 24, 2018

Building a new home can seem easy to make the sustainable house upgrades you dream of- but it is far more environmentally friendly to upgrade a home that already exists. You will use less materials, and you won’t have to break new ground- meaning more of our green space can stay green space. PLUS upgrading to energy efficient materials can qualify you for a Tax Rebate!

Below are the average costs of upgrading a standard home to a more sustainable option:

Windows: Compared to a single pane window upgrading to energy rated windows could save you an average of 25% of your energy bill!

Average cost to replace windows: $300-$700/window (depends on size)


Image Source: David Johnson Architects

Insulation: Upgrading your attic insulation alone can decrease loss of heat by up to 80%.

Average Cost: $2000 (for professional installation)


Image Source: The Natos

Plumbing: Toilet flushing accounts for around 30% of a households water use- switching to a low flow toilet can save an average of 4 gallons of water PER FLUSH!

Average cost of low flow toilet: $400


Image Source: Ebizby Design

Appliances: Many appliance companies now make energy efficient lines.

Average cost of energy efficient appliances:STOVE/OVEN: $1400 FRIDGE: $1000 WASHER/DRYER: $2000


Image Source: Meredith Corporation

Lighting: The electricity we use to light our houses can be traced back to cause 20% of carbon emissions contributing to green house gases. Changing to LED light bulbs is a great step, but ensuring recessed lighting is well insulated, and burnt out light bulbs are recycled properly is equally as important.

Average Cost of LED bulbs: $6.00/bulb (lasts 50,000 hours = 6 years)


Image Source: Best of DIY

Landscaping: This is often forgotten with high tech upgrades coming to mind first. Something as simple as planting native greenery, or reducing storm water run off (re-using grey water for landscaping) can make a huge difference!

This work can be done yourself for FREE


Image Source: Jolene’s Gardening

Green updates to your home don’t have to be a complete re-build. Have any questions about how to make your home more energy efficient? Contact us to get in touch with local contractors who can help answer your questions!   

Check Out This Link To Learn More About Alberta Tax Rebates:

Have any questions? Contact us!

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